Oslo’s Cultural Tour


oslo cultural tour
Oslo, Norway

If you would like to visit Oslo, there are a lot of cultural attractions you can choose; Like Castle, Museum, City Hall, Cathedrals etc. For you who are interested in Art, you can visit Vigeland Sculpture Park.

For your convenience, here are some information you might need to decide where to go:

Akershus Castle

Akershus Castle is located on a cliff just above the cruise ship’s berth. This fortress was originally built in 1300 but the present structure dates mainly from the 17th century. It is still used for State occasions. The Castle grounds afford beautiful views of Oslo and the Fjord, as well as containing many quaint buildings and gardens within its grounds.


Resistance Museum

Resistance Museum is located near the harbor. It was built in a modern design during the 1950’s. You can see a series of murals painted by Norwegian artists and contemporary sculpture, woodcarvings as well as tapestries.


Oslo Cathedral (Domkirken) 

Oslo Cathedral is located by the Market Square on Stortovet. It was consecrated in 1697, but has been restored many times.


Munch Museum

Munch Museum is located at 53 Toyen Gate, in the eastern section of the City. Edvard Munch is considered Norway’s greatest contemporary artist. He gave all his art to the City when he died in 1944 and it is now housed in this pacious museum, which contains over 1,000 paintings besides other works.


Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum is located on Bygdoy Peninsula, about 3 miles by road from the port. It houses three authentic Viking longships, dating from 800 to 900 A.D. The Museum also contains a collection of utensils and jewelry.


Kon Tiki Museum

Kon Tiki Museum is located on Bygdoy Peninsula. It houses the balsa-wood raft on which Thor Heyerdahl sailed from Peru to Polynesia. The Papyrus boat on which Heyerdahl travelled from Morocco to Barbados.


Fram Museum

Fram Museum is the third of Bygdoy Peninsula Museum. It houses the ship that took Fridtjof Nansen to the Arctic in 1893 and Roald Amundsen to the South Pole in 1910. Visitors can walk throughout the ship.


Vigeland Sculpture Park

Vigeland Sculpture Park is located in the 80 acre Frogner Park. It is about 4 miles (6 kilometers) from the Ship’s berth, in the western section of Oslo. The Park contains monumental sculptures depicting the whole cycle of human life from birth to death. It was created by Gustav Vigeland who began the work in 1921. He died in 1943.
Slottet (Royal Palace). Slottet (Royal Palace) is the King’s residence. The surounding park is open to the public, although the palace is not. Changing of the guard daily at 1:30 p.m.


Hollmenkollen Ski Tower

 Hollmenkollen Ski Tower is situated in the suburbs of Oslo’s western hills, about 6 miles (9.6 kilometers) from Ship’s berth. Ski jumping originated here in 1892 but the present facility was built in 1952 for the Winter Olympics of that year. On a clear day there is an excellent view of the Fjord and Oslo from this site.

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