Top Five Oslo Hotels

Top Oslo Hotel. Most of the hotel in Norway offer a good weekend and summer discount. You can really save your budget with this discount. It also includes huge breakfast which is served as buffet. The Oslo hotel service is amazingly spotless. If you plan to stay in Oslo, you can check these five hotels… Continue reading Top Five Oslo Hotels

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Concise Oslo Guide

Oslo, Norway   Local Customs Bargaining is not usually accepted in Oslo. Tipping Service charges are included in restaurant pricing. It is appropriate to tip 10 % for good service. Taxis fare are usually rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10 NOK. Local Cuisine In Scandinavia, including Oslo, ‘Koldtbord’ (Cold Table) or Buffet style… Continue reading Concise Oslo Guide

Oslo’s Cultural Tour

  Oslo, Norway If you would like to visit Oslo, there are a lot of cultural attractions you can choose; Like Castle, Museum, City Hall, Cathedrals etc. For you who are interested in Art, you can visit Vigeland Sculpture Park. For your convenience, here are some information you might need to decide where to go:… Continue reading Oslo’s Cultural Tour