The Vikings

The Vikings History

From the 8th to the 11th century the Vikings or Northern men sailed from their fjords in Scandinavia and made their way across Europe looking for trade, and offering mercenary service. The Swedes (or Varangians) established themselves throughout the Baltic and controlled the overland route to the Baltic Sea, while the Danes invaded parts of England, Portugal, and France. The Norwegians, however, were unparalleled in their success, and their adventures became the stuff of Viking legend. After overrunning the Orkneys, the Shetlands, the Hebrides, and parts of Ireland, the Norwegians established colonies in the Frances, Iceland, and Greenland. They even sailed to the coast of North America. The Vikings. The Viking were the most feared Europeans of their day, and their impact on history was immense. Fear of the Vikings raid unified many otherwise disparate tribes and kingdoms, and many new political states were created by the Vikings themselves. Despite profiting from the spoils of war, it was their success as settlers and traders that was the Vikings’ greatest achievement.


The Vikings Inheritance


There are a lot of things we can see today if we go to Norway. The Vikings left us with abundant precious treasures.

  • The Vikings’ Religion : The Vikings religion was dominated by the supreme gods Odin ( god of war), Thor (thunder), Frey (fertility).
  • The Longship : The Vking used mainly the longship for raid. It was long and slim, faster than usual Viking ship.
  • Weapons and Armor : The weapons and armor were the backbone of Viking culture, so the blacksmith’s art was always in demand. 
  • Jewelry Design  : The Vikings’ Jewelry Design often showed  Arab and eastern European influence. It illustrated the extent of the Vikings’ trading network. Their jewelry was made of gold, silver, bronze, pewter, colored glass, jet, amber.
  • Picture Stones : Picture stones were memorial blocks that celebrated the glory of the dead relatives. They were carved with pictures and runic writing.



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