Nine Guided Oslo Summer Sightseeing

The following tours offered to you in summer only, around May to August. They depart from Rådhusbrygee 3 ( Pier 3) by the seaside of the City Hall.
  1.  Mini Cruise  : This sightseeing takes place for fifty minutes. It will take you to the places where you can enjoy the beauty of  fjord in Oslo. The tour depart every hour on the hour. It starts at 10 a.m.  It costs NOK 120 per person.
  2. Fjord Sightseeing : This tour takes place for two hours. It is the classic Oslo Fjord Sightseeing. The tour    departs at the following hours : 10.30, 13.00, 15.30 from early April til the late September. Also it offers evening sightseeing at 17.45 only in mid May to late August. It costs NOK 210.
  3. Selected City Sightseeing :  This guided sightseeing takes place for 3 – 4 hours by coach in the City Centre to the Sculpture Park, Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Ski Museum, Viking Ships and the Kon-Tiki Museum. This artistic and historic tour departs at 11.00 to 14.00 and 14.15 to 18.15. From May to August. It costs NOK 345.
  4. Oslo ” The City of Peace” : This 3,5 hour peace sightseeing will take you to the Nobel Peace Center, Oslo City Hall, the Holocaust Centre and Kon-Tiki Museum. It departs at 12.30 from May to August. It costs NOK 345.
  5. Oslo Combination : This 4 hour sightseeing is a combination of  Mini Cruise and Selected City Sightseeing. It departs at 10.00 and 11.00 from May to August. It costs  NOK 410.
  6. Oslo Experience : The 5 hour tour by coach and boat will take you to Viking Ship and Kon-Tiki Museum, the Sculpture Park, Holmenkollen ski jump and Ski Museum. It departs at 13.00. It costs NOK 420.
  7. Grand Tour of Oslo : In his 7,5 hour full day tour a comfortable coach will take you  to the most interesting sights and museums. Besides, the beautiful sailing ship will take the most beautiful side of Oslo’s fjord. Lunch (prawn buffet) is included in the price. It departs at 10.30 from May to August.  It costs NOK 540. 
  8. Lunch Cruise  : This is a 2 hour guided lunch cruise on a sailing ship. Traditional Norwegian buffet is included in the price. It departs at 10.30 from May to August. It costs NOK 355. 
  9. A Summer Evening on the Fjord” : This is a 3 hour evening cruise on board a sailing ship. Traditional Norwegian prawn buffet is included.  It departs at 19.00 from June to September. It costs NOK 355.
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