Norway Fjord Tours

Norway Fjord Tours

Norway Fjord Tours

Norway Fjord Tours

See some of the Norway Fjord tours we provide for you.

Bergen Fjord Tours | Norway Fjord Tours

Bergen is the best place to start fjord tours in Norway.  You can enjoy dozens of fjord tours in this beautiful city that has a magnificent city square with shopping area and a lot of eatery around it. It is advisable to travel by boat because the the contrasts between the fjords and mountains are greatest at water level and the boats are comfortable and stable. You do not have to be worried about seasickness. It rarely happens.

Fjord Sightseeing | Norway Fjord Tours

You can have Fjord Sightseeing tour. You will have a lot of stops and good explanation on the object you pass along the way. You will have a four-hour  local fjord tour. Tel. 55/31-43-20.

Fylkesbaatane  and  Sogn og Fjordane

This fjord tour is a combination tour using County Boats (Fylkesbaatnane). Tickets are sold at the tourist information center ( tel. 55/32-14-80) and at the quay. Students receive a 25% discount for most tours.

Winge of Scandinavia

You can also have other combinations of fjord tours through the Hardangerfjorden and Sognefjorden that include the surrounding countryside.  Some of these fjord tours have options to fish or visit local villages or islands.  Some of the fjord tours mentioned above are operated by Winge of Scandinavia. Address : Karl Johans Gate 35,  Box 1705, Vika, N-0121 Oslo, tel. 22/42-76-50.

Central Fjord Country

This fjord-riddled coast, from Bergen to Kristiansund, is stippled with islands and grooved with deep barren valleys, wth most of the fertile land edging the water. Ther farther north one travels, the more rugged and wild the landscape. The motionless Sognefjord is the longest inlet which is 190 kilometers long. It is 4,000 feet deep. Some of its sections are so narrow, with rock walls looming on either side, that they look as if they have been sliced from the mountains.
At the top of Sogn og Fjordane county are a succession of Fjords referred to as Nordfjord, with Jostedalsbreen, mainland Europe’s largest glacier, to the south. Sunnfjord is the coastal area between Nordfjord and Sognefjord, with Florø, the county seat, on an island close to Norway’s westernmost point.

The Mountains of Møre og Romsdal

The Mountains of Møre og Romsdal are treeless moonscapes of gray rock, stone cliffs that hang out over the water far below. Geriangerfjord is the most spectacular fjord, with a road zigzagging all the way down from the mountaintops to the water beside a famous waterfall.
Tourists have been visiting central fjord country since the English discovered the area some 150 years ago in the their search for the ultimate salmon. One of these tourist was Kaiser Wilhelm who helped rebuild Ålesund into one of the most fantastic fits of architectural invention in Scandinavia.

Tourist Information


Address  : Rådhuset, tel. 70/12-12-02.


Address : Corner Nesgata/Romsdalsvn, tel. 71/22-16-22)


Address : Dockside, tel. 57/69-12-55.


Address : Railroad Station, tel. 57/63-21-06.


Address : Dockside, tel. 70/26-30-99.


Address : Dockside, tel. 70/26-50-52.


Telephone : 57/66-65-09.


Address : Storgt 1, tel. 71/21-92-62.


Address : Sognefjorden Tourist Information, tel. 57/67-30-83.


Telephone : 57/87-23-32.


Address : Dockside, tel. 56/52-63-60.


Address : Hestevangen 10, tel. 56/51-00-51.

Fjord Norway



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