4 Money-Saving Dining in Oslo

4 Money-Saving Dining in Oslo

Dining in Oslo offers a rich tapestry of culinary experiences, reflecting the city’s diverse culture and penchant for innovation. From traditional Norwegian fare like hearty salmon dishes and delicate reindeer cuts to international cuisines spanning from Italian trattorias to Asian fusion bistros, Oslo caters to every palate. The city’s burgeoning food scene is characterized by its emphasis on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, showcased in farm-to-table restaurants and vibrant street food markets. Whether indulging in a Michelin-starred feast or savoring a simple yet sublime meal at a cozy café, dining in Oslo is a gastronomic adventure that never fails to delight. However, dining in Oslo can be quite expensive. To save money on meals, you can choose from the following four places in Oslo:


Dining in Oslo
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Recommendation for Dining in Oslo


  1. The Kafe Nordraak. It is on St. Olavsgt 2. Telephone 22/42 10-59. It’s at the Art Academy. It’s informal and cheap.
  2. Olsens Cafe. It is on Bogstadvn. 8. Telephone 22/46-39-65.  
  3. Sub Pub. It is on St. Olavs gt. 23. Telephone 22/11-02-49. You can have cheap hot dogs, hamburgers and other fast food. The prices are the lowest in town.
  4. Middle Eastern restaurants. It’s near Storgata on Oslo’s east side.  The prices are reasonable.
  5. Den Glade Gris. It’s an easygoing restaurant specializing in hearty pork dishes & beers amid a rustic-style setting. It is on St. Olavs Gate 33, 0166 Oslo.
  6. Døgnvill Burger Vulkan: Found at Vulkan 20, Døgnvill Burger Vulkan is a popular spot for delicious yet affordable burgers. With a wide selection of gourmet burger options, it’s a great choice for a satisfying meal on a budget.
  7. Fiskeriet Youngstorget: Situated at Youngstorget 2b, 0181 Oslo,  Fiskeriet Youngstorget serves up affordable seafood delights in a casual setting. Patrons can indulge in fresh fish and seafood dishes at reasonable prices.


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