Four Ways of Saving Money Travelling in Finland

When you travel in Finland, there are 4 things you can learn to save your money.

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Helsinki, Finland

  1. Get All Possible Admission Discounts. A lot of discounts are offered to students and senior citizens at museums, theaters, concerts, trains, planes, buses  and ships. Make sure you carry your identification. You can ask for family-price tickets at parks, museums and other attractions. The Helsinki Card also gives you discounts to a lot of attractions in the city.
  2. Get A Family Ticket. Travel within Helsinki is cheaper with a family ticket, which allows unlimited travel on all modes of transport within the city for one day, three days, five days. Make sure you know how long you are going to travel in the city. When you buy the longer ticket, you will save more money because the longer ticket price are cheaper.                  
  3. Get Lunch Hour Rate Price When Dining. You can enjoy lunch hour rates when you have lunch in Helsinki since most of the restaurant here reduce their price as much as 50% if you have lunch between 11 a.m to 2 p.m. You can also enjoy Chinese food or pizza in Finland, they are usually inexpensive.
  4. Get Midsummer or week-end Discount For Lodging. You can save between 20 % – 40 % if you travel in Midsummer. Besides, you can also enjoy around 30 % discount at week-ends. 

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