Lodging in Denmark

Lodging in Denmark

You have a lot of choices of lodging in Denmark. Each of them has different sensations. It depends on what aspect you are interested in.  Inexpensive hotels offer simple designs in good materials and firm beds. A lot of Danes prefer a shower to a bath. So, if you prefer a bath, you have to ask for it and pay more. Farm houses and kro (old stagecoach inns) accommodations offer a good alternative to more traditional hotels.  Some of the hotels tend to eliminate its breakfast from the room rate. See the following options to stay in Denmark.

Lodging in Denmark
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Options of Lodging in Denmark

You can contact the Hotel Booking Desk ( tel. 33/12-28-30 ) in the main tourist office (Bernstorffsgade 1, DK-1577, Copenhagen V) to find rooms in hotels, hostels and private homes or campsites. Prebooking in private homes and hotels must be done two months in advance, but last minute hotel rooms can also be found and will save you 50% off the normal price. When Tivoli is open, hours are 9-midnight; mid-September-October 9 am – 10 pm; October – April 9 am -5 pm.
If you want to make sure you have your breakfast included in the lodging, you can contact Dansk Bed & Breakfast (Box 53, Hesselvang 20, DK-2900 Hellerup, telephone 31/61-04-05). For either prebooking or last-minute booking, you can contact SLM (Scandinavian Lodging and Breakfast, Store Kongensgrade 94, DK-1264 Copenhagen, telephone 33/91-91-15, fax 33/91-91-85). A standard double room with either agency runs between DKr275 and DKr350. For more information, see the following options:

Hotels | Lodging in Denmark

You can find luxury hotels in the city or countryside with high standard rooms. Alternatively, you can find manor-house hotels. Besides, you can also find cheaper accommodations which are clean and comfortable. Make reservations well in advance to avoid having to overnight last-minute in costly hotels. Many places offer summer reductions to compensate for the slowdown in business travelers and conferences.

Inns | Lodging in Denmark

You can find cheaper and beautiful options other than hotels, the kro (old stagecoach inns) anywhere in Denmark. You can save money by investing in Inn Checks, valid at 80 inns. Each check  costs DKr 400 per person or DKr 550 per couple. Family checks (DKr 610-DKr700) are also available. Prices  include one overnight stay in a room with bath, breakfast included. You can contact Dansk Kroferie (Vejlevej 16, DK-8700 Horsens, telephone 75/64-87-00).

Farm Vacations

You can experience how the Danes live and work this way. You stay on a farm and share meals with the family and can even get out and help with chores. There’s a minimum stay of three night; half-board accommodation runs around DKr250, while lunch and dinner can often be purchased directly from the family for DKr30 toDKr40. Contact the Horsens Tourist Office ( Søndergade 26, DK-8700 Horsens, Jylland, telephone 75/62-38-22).

Youth and Family Hostels

There are hundreds of excellent youth hostels throughout the country. They are equipped with kitchen and family rooms . These hostels fill up quickly in summer, so make your reservations early. Make sure you bring your own lines or sleep sheet,  though these can be rented at the hostel. Sleeping bag are not allowed.  You can contact Landsforreningen Danmarks Vandrehjem ( Vesterbrogade 39, DK-1620, Copenhagen V, telephone 31/31-36-12). It charges for the information. You can also get a free brochure from the Danish Tourist Board.

Home Rentals

Many Danes rent out their summer homes, and a stay in one is another good way to see the countryside on your own. A simple house with rooms for four will cost from DKr3,000 per week upward. Contack DanCenter (Falkoner Allé 7, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, tel. 31/19-09-00)


Denmark has over 500 approved campsites, with a rating system of one, two, or three stars. You need an International Camping Carnet or Danish Camping Pass (available at any campsite and valid for one year).  For more information, you can contact Campingrådet (Hesseløgade 16, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, tel. 39/27-88-44)

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