Arts and Night Clubs in Fyn (Funen) and the Central Islands, Denmark

Arts and Night Clubs in Fyn and the Central Islands

The Arts 

Castle Concerts are held throughout the summer at Egeskov , Nyborg and Valdemar castle and the rarely opened Krengenrup manor  house, near  Assens.  Check  with local tourism offices for  schedules. In summer  the thespians of the Odense Street Theater parade through the pedestrian streets and dramatize the tales  of the town’s most  famous son, Hans Christian Andersen. Den Fynske Landsby also has regular Andersen Plays from mid-july to mid-Au-gust. Call the Odense tourist office for show times.
Fyn nightlife revolves around the major  towns of Odense and Svendborg while the smaller towns make do with local bars and quiet nights.

Bars and Lounges

Odense’s central  Arcade is an entertaiment mall, with bars, restaurants, and live music, ranging from  corny sing-alongs to hardrock. For a quieter evening , stop by Café Biografen (Brandts  passage, tel. 66/13-16-16). In Svendborg , the very mixed Banjen Bar (Frederiksgade 11C, tel. 62/22-25-46) often has live rock and blues.


Fyn’s sole casino is in the slick glass atrium of the SAS Hans Christian Andersen Hotel (Claus Bergs Gade 7, Odense , tel. 66/14-78-00), with blackjack, roulette , and baccarat.


In Odense , the popular All Night Boogie Dance Cafe Nørregade 21, tel. 66/14-00-39) plays pop, disco, and ’60s music to a laid-back crowd. The Atlantic Night Club (Overgade 45, tel. 65/91-05-27)is more chic, whic revolving mirror balls and strobe lights. Svendborg’s  Chess (Vestergade 7, tel. 62/22-17-16) is popular with a young crowd that comes for the lives bands.

Jazz Clubs

The Cotton Club (pantheonsgade 5C , tel. 66/12-55-25) in Ondese is a venue for old-fashioned  jazz, while Dexter’s (vindergade 65, tel. 66/13-68-88) has all kinds of jazz-from Dixieland to fusion. Though Svendborg doesn’t have a permanent jazz club, the orangi (jessens Mole, tel. 62/22-82-92), an old sailing ship that’s moored in the harbor , is a popular summer restaurant where jazz musicians often perform.  

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