North Jylland Tours, Denmark

North Jylland Tours, Denmark


North 21 kilometers (15 miles) from Århus is the medieval town of Randers, where in 1340 the Danish patriot Niels Ebbesen killed the German oppressor, Count  Gert the Bald of Holstein, whose army was then occupying most of Jylland. To the east of randers is the Djursland peninsula, a popular  vacation area, with fine manor houses that are open to the public.

Gammel Estrup Slot

You can also visit Gammel Estrup Slot, a grand 17th-century manor in the tiny village of auning which is filled with rich period furnishings, including an alchemist’s cellar. Address : Randersυej 2, tel. 86/48-30-01.


Viborg is about 60 kilometers (36 miles) west of Randers.  Its history dominates the 8th century, when  it was a trading post and a place of pagan sacrifice. Later it became a center of Christianity, with monasteries and an episcopal  residence. The 1,000-years-old Hærvejen, the old military road that starts near here, was once Denmark’s most important connection with the outside world. Legend has it that in the 11th century , King Canute set out from Viborg to conquer England. He succeeded, of course, and ruled from1016 to 1035. Today  you can buy reproductions of a silver coin minted by the king, embossed with the inscription ‘’Knud, Englands Kong’’ (Canute, King of England).
Built in 1130, Viborg’s Domkirke (cathedral ) was once  the largest granite church in the wold. Today only the erypt remains of the original building, which was restored and reopened in 1876. The dazzling early 20th-century biblical frescoes are by Danish painter Joakim Skovgard. Address : Mogensgade, tel. Tel. 86/62-10-60.


Limfjord is located  80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Jylland. It is the great waterway that severs Jylland. Clamped to its narrowest  point is Aalborg, Denmark’s fourth-largest community, which celebrated its 1,300th birthday in 1992 with a year  festivities. The gateway between north and south Jylland, Limfjord is a charming combination of new and old: twisting lanes filled with medieval houses and nearby, broad modern boulevards. The only fourth of july celebration outside the United States annually blast off in nearby Rebild Park, a salute to the United States for welcoming 300,000 Danish immigrants that has continued since 1912.

Jens Bangs Stenhus

Jens Bangs Stenhus is a stone house built by a wealthy merchant named Jens Bangs. This five story stone house was built in 1624; it has a vaulted Gothic stone beer and wine cellar. Address : Østerd 9.

Budlofi Kirke

Budlofi Kirke is the Baroque cathedral dedicated to the English saint Botolph, and the 15th-century Helligandskloteret (Monastery of the Holy Ghost). One of Denmark’s best-preserved monasteries. Nowadays, it has become a home for the elderly.

Jomfru Ane Gade

The street is very popular for its booming music of lots of discos, bars , clubs, and eateries. It remains old fashioned.

Lindholm Høje

Lindholm Høje is a Viking and Iron Age burial ground where stones placed in the shape of a ship enclose many of the site’s 682 graves and sheep often outnumber tourists. You can see a brand-new museum that chronicles the Viking civilization and recent excavations at the entrance of this burial ground.  Address : Hvorupvej, tel. 98/17-55-22.


Skagen is at the northern tip of Jylland. You can enjoy long beaches and luminuous light here.  The 19th-century Danish artist Holger Drachmann (1846-1908) and his friends, including the very popular P. S. Kroyer, founded the Skagen School of painting, which captured the special quality of northern light.  You can see their efforts on display in the Skagen Museum. Address : 4 Brøndumsvej, tel. 98/44-64-44.

Bindslev Ørne Reservat

Bindslev Ørne Reservat ( the Bindslev Eagle Sanctuary) is the only place in the world where golden-and-white-tailed eagles and large falcons are raised in close contact with people. In summer educational exhibits include feedings and aerial aerobatics. Address : 107 Skagensvej, Tuen, tel. 98/93-20-31.

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