5 Top Restaurant In Copenhagen, Denmark

Dinner in Copenhagen can be very expensive. You can have a lot of options for lunch. You can have money saving meals by having smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches piled with meat, fish cheese, and vegetables). Here are 5 restaurant you might need when you are in Copenhagen :

  1. Slotskælderen ( in Central Copenhagen ). One of the best, popular lunch-only spot close to the Strøget that specializes is  smørrebrød. You can just select what you want from behind the glass counters and they bring it to your table. This restaurant also serve good frikadeller ( meatballs ) and sild (herring). Popular with the parliamentarians who hold sessions nearby. It is on Fortunstræde 4, 1065. Telephone : 33- 111 537. Price under 150 Dkr.
  2. Restaurant Cap Horn ( in Central Copenhagen ). This restaurant offer classic Danish menu which focuses on regularly changing seafood and organic dishes. The organic themes extends to the beer, wine, and coffee. Service is fast and courteous and they sometimes have live jazz sessions. It is on Nyhavn 21 3tv, 1051. Telephone 33-128 504. Price between 150-200 Dkr.
  3. Det Lille Apotek ( in Central Copenhagen ). This restaurant is decorated in deep, dark woods and gilded lamps. It offers classic Danish dishes including roast pork, prawn cocktail with tournedos, and a wide variety of pickled sild (herring). Its specialty is apotekaregrytan, a tasty stew of pork tenderloin in a paprika cream sauce with mushrooms and pineapple. It is on Store Kannikestrade 15, 1169. Telephone 33-125 606. Price between 200 – 300 Dkr.
  4. Thorvaldsens Hus ( in Central Copenhagen ). This modern restaurant is located very close to Thorvaldsens Museum. It serves a gourmet meal. You can also have an excellent  smørrebrød and simple Danish dishes which are served on the courtyard terrace overlooking the canal. It is on Gammel Strand 34, 1202. Telephone 33-320 400. Price between 300 – 350 Dkr.
  5. Noma ( in Central Copenhagen ). As one of Copenhagen’s Michelin-starred restaurants, the Noma draws upon Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe islands for its inspiration. The dishes are all carefully prepared with immaculate attention to detail. It really serves excellent meal. It is on Strandgade 93, 1401. Telephone 32-963 297. Price above 350 Dkr.

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