5 Most Popular Hotel In Copenhagen

Although some of the hotels in Copenhagen are quite high-priced, they usually offers week-end and summer discount. Besides, there are still choices of hotels which offers different price. It depends on how much budget you would like to spend. The following are 5 most popular hotel in Copenhagen with different price : Walking Street, The… Continue reading 5 Most Popular Hotel In Copenhagen

5 Top Restaurant In Copenhagen, Denmark

Dinner in Copenhagen can be very expensive. You can have a lot of options for lunch. You can have money saving meals by having smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches piled with meat, fish cheese, and vegetables). Here are 5 restaurant you might need when you are in Copenhagen : Slotskælderen ( in Central Copenhagen ). One… Continue reading 5 Top Restaurant In Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, is located on the east coast of the Danish island of Zealand, the largest of Denmark’s 500 islands. The whole country is almost the same size as one half of the area of Maine. The name of Copenhagen means ‘Merchant Harbor’ and it is believed that the City was… Continue reading Copenhagen, Denmark