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Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It is situated on a peninsula on the southern coast, overlooking the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. It is a modern city with a population of half a million people. We cannot see much the remainings of old town because the first building was made of wood, the domestic material, and over time fire and the ravages of war destroyed the wooden structures. Today Helsinki is well planned and spacious city, with many open parks and gardens, and some fine neo-classical buildings in the Senate Square, dating from around 1840.

Helsinki is surrounded by water on three sides. It has a natural seaport which is kept open even in winter. Finland is the only country in Europe to have all its seaports prone to freezing. The Port was once protected by the fortifications on Suomenlinna, a group of 5 islands which are interconnected and today are used as recreational facility. Cruise ships make an entrance and exit between the Ice Age formations of small islands, providing excellent photo opportunities from the outer decks.

Helsinki harbor, Finland’s largest, handles most of the nation’s maritime trade with imports of vehicles, petroleum products and consumer goods, and exports of machinery, metal products, paper and wood. Shipbuilding of various types of vessel is a vital adjunct to the local economy and includes the largest of luxury cruise liners as well as 60 % of the world’s ice-breakers.

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