Five Good Restaurants In Finland

Restaurants in Finland, Scandinavia

  1. Zetor : Owned by Finnish icons the Kaurismäki brothers, this late-night restaurant complete with a rusty tractor is popular for its meat-and-potato centric menu. food is served until 3.30 am, along with music and a late night bar. It is located on Mannerheimnitie 3, 00100 Central Helsinki Tel. 09-666 966. Price : between 25-35 euros.
  2. Romanov : One of Helsinki’s most respected Russian restaurants, the rooms here are decked out with portraits and photos of Csars and aristocrats.  It provides with steak and fish dishes , Russian dishes such as borscht and blini. It is on Yrjönkatu 15, 00120 Central Helsinki Tel. 09-642 394. Price : over 55 euros.
  3. Strindberg : This cafe-restaurant is one of the best-loved and mos central cafes in the capital. Downstairs, the cafe offers tasty pastries for breakfast, as well as very good coffee. Upstairs the upscale restaurant features reindeer, Rydberg steak, and Baltic fish dishes. It is located on Pohjoisesplanadi 33, 00130 Central Helsinki Tlp. 09-681 2030. Price over 55 euros.
  4. Hilpeä Munkki : Located right next to the Olav castle, this summertime outdoor restaurant is perfect  place to dine before or after an opera performance. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a medieval inn, with animal skins and candlelit table. Food is traditional Finnish, with great broiled steak fillet, lamb and sausage dishes. It is on Riihisaari, 57100 Savonlinna Tlp. 020-7291 760. Price :  15-25 euros.
  5. Viikinkiravintola Harald : Decorated with Viking theme and wooden-benches and animal heads, this restaurant looks so attractive to eat in. The food consists of hearty meat dishes such as venison braised in wine with garlic. There is a great and inexpensive lunch buffet. It is on Aurkatu 3, 21100 Turku Tlp. 022-765 050. Price : over 55 euros.

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