Six Cheapest Restaurants in Paris, France

Six Cheapest Restaurants in Paris, France

Cafes are ubiquitous in Paris. They usually offer snacks. If you want to have full menus, you can go to bistros and brasseries. You can also go to restaurants but they are usually open in the evening. The following are the six cheapest restaurants in Paris. The price is between 30 and 45 euros per person for 3 course meal, including a half bottle of wine, tax and service.

Cheapest Restaurants in Paris
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Cheapest Restaurants in Paris


  1. Le Bœuf sur le Toit (in Champs-Elysees) This building was formerly a cabaret venue (The Ox on the Roof). Exemplifying the classic Paris Art Deco brasserie, its changing menu can include sole meunière, snails, foie gras and crème brûlèe. The specialty is  crêpes Suzette. It is on 34 Rue du Colisèe, 75008. Telephone : 01-53 93 65 55.
  2. La Rose de France (in Ile De La Cite And Ile Saint-Louis) This overlooking 17th century square restaurant is updating French classics, with specialties rhubarb, ginger, and Basmati rice. More traditional is the duck fillet in ratatouille. A cuisine du marchè restaurant, this restaurant uses the fresh product from the day’s market nearby. It is on 24 pl Dauphine, 75001. Telephone 01-43 54 10 12.
  3. Marty Restaurant (in Jardin Des Plantes Quarter) This Art Deco styled restaurant was established by E. Marty in 1913. The menu features hearty fare, such as roast duck or rabbit casserole, and seasonal dishes, such as gazpacho. It also offers excellent  crème brûlèe. It is on 20 av des Gobelins, 75005. Telephone : 01- 43 31 39 51.
  4. Le Balzar (in Latin Quarter) This bistro offers different kinds of brasserie food but the main attraction is the Left Bank ambiance. The traditionally dressed waiters serve excellent service with archetypal brasserie decor to match. It is on 49 rue des Ecolès, 75005. Telephone : 01-43 54 13 67.
  5. La Coupole (in Montparnasse) This well-know brasserie has been noted with the fashionistas, artists, and thinkers since its creation in 1927. Under the same ownership as Brasserie Flo, it has a similar menu: shellfish, smoked salmon, and good desserts. Its specialty is lamb curry. It opens from breakfast until 2 am. It is on 102 bd du Montparnasse, 75014. Telephone : 01 – 43 20 14 20.
  6. La Vaudeville (in Opera Quarter) This is one of seven brasseries owned by Paris’s regning brasserie king, Jean Paul Bucher. Good shellfish, Bucher’s famous smoked salmon, many fish dishes as well as classic brasserie standbys like pig’s trotters and andouillette ( tripe sausage ). Quick, friendly service and a noisy ambiance make it fun. It is on 29 rue vivienne, 75002. Telephone : 01 – 40 20 04 62.

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