Seven Beautiful Cities In Northern France

Northern France’s main sights span thousands of years of history, from the awesome megaliths of Carnac, through the 18th -century grander of Nancy’s town architecture, to Strasbourg’s futuristic palais de I’Eropa, seat of the country’s greatest cathedrals, such as those of  Reims  and Rouen. The region’s most famaous religious monument is mont -St-Michel, whose evocative silhouette has welcomed pilgrims since the 11th century

  1. Strasbourg : Situated between Paris and Prague, Strasbourg is often know as the crossroads of Europe. It is also home to the European Parliament. It’s inhabited by 450,000 people. More information on Strasbourg here.
  2. Reims : Renowned throughout the world from countless champagne labels, Reims has a rich historical legacy. It is inhabited by 200,000 people. More information on Reims here.
  3. Rouen : A rich and cultured city that boasts a wealth of splendid  historical monuments such as Cathedrale Nothre-Dame and Eglise St-Maclou. It is inhabited by 138,000 people. More information on Rouen here.
  4. Bayeux : Well-renowned for its tapestry, this small town was the first town to be liberated by the Allies from Nazi occupation. It is inhabited by 15,000 people.
  5. St-Malo : Once a fortified island, this city stands in a commanding position at the mouth of the river Rance. Intra-muros, the old walled city, is encircled by ramparts that provide fine views of St-Malo and its offshore islands. It is inhabited by 53,000 people. 
  6. Carnac : Well-known as one of the world’s great prehistoric sites, you can see thousands of ancient granite rocks were arranged in mysterious lines and patterns in the country-side around Carnac by Mega-lithic tribes. It is inhabited by 5,000 people.
  7. Mont-St-Michel : The silhouette of Mont-St-Michel is one of the most enchanting sights in France. Lying strategically on the frontier between Normandy and Brittany, Mont-St-Michel gradually became a Benedictine monastery that had its greatest influence in 12th and 13th century. It is visited by around 900,000 thousands visitors a year. More information on Mont-St-Michel here.

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