10 Cheapest Hotels in Paris

10 Cheapest Hotels in Paris

Hotels in France are graded from zero to  four stars. In high season some will offer only full pension (all meals) or demi-pension (breakfast and dinner). Based on the budget they offer, we can get 10 cheapest hotels in Paris. So, if you’re on budget, make sure you have these hotels on your list.

10 Cheapest Hotels in Paris

Hotel Roubaix  (in Beabourg and Les Halles) | Cheapest Hotels in Paris

Located in Beabourg  (the Center Pompidou),  Hotel Roubaix is old-fashioned. However, it’s professionally managed and quite popular among frequent visitors of the area. Its friendly staff and well-maintained rooms will make you feel comfortable to stay here.  Moreover, the price of rooms is quite affordable compared to that of the hotels nearby.  It is at 6 Rue Greneta, 75003 Paris, France. The price is between 80  and 130 euros per night. See more detailed information about Hotel Roubaix.

Grand Hotel Leveque (in Invalides and Eiffel Tower Quarter)

Grand Hotel Leveque is located between the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides district at 29 Rue Cler, 75007 Paris, France. The Rue Cler abounds with supermarkets and restaurants. Therefore, you will have a lot of options on what to eat in this Eiffel Tower area. The price of the room is from 207 euros per night. See more information about Grand Hotel Leveque here.

Hotel Esmeralda (in Latin Quarter) | Cheapest Hotels in Paris

This hotel lies in the center of the Latin Quarter at 4 Rue Saint Julien le Pauvre, 75005 Paris, France. Terrence Stamp is one of frequent stayers of this beautiful old-stone-walled hotel. You can see Notre Dame and Seinen from this hotel. The Price of the room is  from 119 Euros per night. See more information about Hotel Esmeralda.

Hotel Minerve  (in Latin Quarter) | Cheapest Hotels in Paris

The rooms of this hotel are individually decorated with stone wall and wooden beams. Although the size of the room is quite small, the price of this hotel room will benefit those of you who are on budget. Moreover, the hotel is nice and clean supported by its friendly staff. Surely, you will comfortable during your stay enjoying Paris. The price of the room is from 135 Euros per night. See more information about Hotel Minerve here.

Familia Hotel (in Latin Quarter)

Familia hotel has 8 balcony rooms out of 30 rooms in total. From these balcony rooms you can have a look at  Notre Dame de Paris cathedral.  Some other rooms are decorated with mural fresco. It is at 11 Rue des Écoles, 75005 Paris, France. The price of the room is from  111 euros per night. See more information about Familia Hotel.

Regyn’s Montmartre (in Montmartre)

This lovely hotel can offer you beautiful views of the Eiffle Tower. You can also easily find shops and restaurants around this hotel. It is at 18 Place des Abbesses, 75018 Paris, France. More information about Regyn’s Montmartre.
Price is from 118 euros per night.

St-German-Des-Pres  : Grand Hotel des Balcons

www.balcons.com  Price : 80 – 130 euros / night.

St-German-Des-Pres : Hotel du Quai Voltaire

www.quaivoltaire.fr   Price  : 80 – 130 euros / night.

The Marais  : Hotel de la Bretonnerie

www.bretonnerie.com  Price : 80 – 130 euros / night

Versailes  : Hotel de Clagny

Price  : under 80 euros.


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