Seven Most Popular Restaurants in Gothenburg / Götheborg

You can enjoy eating seafood in Götheborg. Generally, you do not have to dress up in these restaurants. Some of them are closed for a month in summer. For your convenience, we provide 11 most popular restaurants in Götheborg.

  1. Belle Avenue. You can enjoy gourmet dishes such as thin slices of halibut filled with ragout of lobster and artichoke and served with truffles in this wood-paneled restaurant.  It is on Kungsportsavenyn no. 36-38. Reservations required. Tel. 031/176520. 
  2. The Place. The place  offers a choice between the restaurant and brasserie, which is less expensive. Both of them have  the following characteristic : terrace-cotta ceilings, paster-yellow walls, and white linen tablecloths heightening the warm, intimate atmosphere to enjoy comtemporary cuisines and high quality ingredients. You can also enjoy one of the best wine cellars in Sweden, Mouton Rothschild wines dating from 1904. It provides outdoor terrace which is only open in It is on No. 7 Arkivgatan. Telephone : 031/160333.
  3. Chablis. This excellent fish restaurant is very popular in Götheborg. It is on no. 22 Aschebergsgatan. Telephone 031/203545.
  4. Räkan. This informal and popular restaurant offer the most of unusual gimmick : the tables are arranged around a long tank, and if you order shrimp, which is the house specialty, they arrive at your table in radio-controlled boats you navigate yourself. It is on no. 16 Lorensbergsgatan. Telephone 031/169839. Reservation required.
  5. Sjömagasinet. Characterized by the 18th century atmosphere and nice sea view, this seafood restaurant offers fillet of sole Walewska as its specialty. It is in Klippass Kulturreservat. Telephone 031/246510.
  6. Amanda Boman. The restaurant is on one corner of the market hall. It is primarily a lunch place. It serves fish, soup, and gravlax ( marinated salmon), and daily hot dishes. Telephone 031/131676.
  7. Minus. This restaurant serves healthy and delicious food. All food is marked with calorie count. It is on Andra Långgatan 4B. Telephone 031/144199.

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