Travel to Sweden

Travel to Sweden


Travel to Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

With Sweden growing rapidly as an important tourist destination, standards in the travel industry have improved greatly. Foreign visitors will enjoy a comfortable stay in Sweden, not least because most people speak English. Sweden’s infrastructure is constantly being improved-there are many new highways and the rail system has recently been upgraded for high-speed trains. There is also a direct link to Denmark via the new Oresund Bridge. In Stockholm, public transportation on buses, subway trains is efficient, and covers the entire city and surrounding region. For more information see also:



Tourist information offices are located throughout Sweden, and are run   by the SWEDISH TRAVEL AND TOURISM COUNCIL. Most museums and other sights in Sweden are open between 10 or 11am and 5 or 6pm all year round, and often have longer opening hours in the summer. They are usually closed on Monday.


Passports are not required for visitors from most EU countries, but visitors from the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand still need a valid passport. Citizens of almost all countries can enter Sweden without a visa.


Sweden’s summers are usually cool. Sometimes, there are heatwaves for several weeks at a time. Winter temperatures often fall below freezing. The snow may lie until  March in the north, but in the rest of the country some winters have been free of snow lately.


Violent crime against tourists is rare in Sweden. There are some pickpockets in the busier shopping streets in the main cities. Swedish police are very helpful and most speak good English. 


Vaccinations are not required to visit Sweden. Hygiene standards are very high. The tap water is safe to drink. There are a lot of pharmacies throughout  the country.


The Swedish unit of currency is the krona, abbreviated to SEK or kr. Traveler’s checks can be changed at all banks. Money Changers are located throughout  the main cities and airports. They usually provides a better exchange rate than banks.


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