Gothenburg (Götheborg)

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city after Stockholm. It has beautiful architecture, pretty cafe-lined boulevards, and a bustling harbor, and dynamic cultural life.

As one of the largest seaport in Scandinavia, Gothenburg pride itself with its amazing ‘Goterborgsutkiken’. It’s a very huge lookout tower providing magnificent panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

Gothenburg’s Places of Interest


Not far from this beautiful tower, Goterborgsutkiken, only walking distance, you can also admire the industrial-style Opera House named Goteborgsoperan. It was built in 1994.


There is another surprising object you need to see in this city. It is the world’s largest floating ship museum named Maritiman. Moored in the dock are a lot of different types of vessel, all open to the public. They include a light ship, a destroyer, and a submarine.


The heart of city is Kungsportsavenyn, simply known as Avenyn, or “The Avenue”. This avenue is only 900 meters long (2952 ft). This short boulevard is lined with restaurants, pubs, and cafes, and is a favorite haunt of street musicians an hawkers.

Rohsska Museet

Situated on a side street off Avenyn, Rohsska Museet is Sweden’s only museum devoted to arts, crafts, and industrial design.


To complete your visit to Gothenburg, you can also  go to the end of the avenue where you can see Gotaplatsen, the famous Poseidon fountain made by the Swedish sculptor named Carl Milles. The square is flanked by the fine Konsmuseet (Art Museum), which specializes in 19th and 20th century Scandinavian art.

Lisebergs Nojespark

The last place you need to see in Gothenburg is Lisebergs Nojespark. Located in the southeast of Gotaplatsen, Lisebergs Nojespark is the well-known as the largest amusement park in Sweden.

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