12 Popular Places in Brussels

12 Popular Places in Brussels

Twelve Popular Places in Brussels. Inhabited by over million people,  Brussels is made of nineteen districts. The Lower Town is inhabited by workers and immigrants, the aristocracy resides the Upper Town, which is elegant area that encircles the city’s green oasis, the Parc de Bruxelles. European institutions become the most striking buildings in this city.

As a visitor, you can check the following twelve popular places before going to Brussels.

  1. Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is usually the first port of call for most visitors to Brussels. It is a magnificent Baroque ensemble.
  2. Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle. This museum is dedicated to one of Brussels’ most successful exports, Belgian Lace, which has been made here since the 12th century. 
  3. Manneken Pis. It is the tiny statue of a young boy relieving himself. This statue replica was put to replace the stolen bronze one. It’s commemorated as symbol of the country’s military courage.
  4. Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée. The museum displays The Belgian passion for comic strips and world-famous comic strip artists from Belgium and abroad. This unique museum holds 6,000 original plates, an a valuable archive of photographs and artifacts.
  5. Cathédrale Sts-Michel et Gudule. This is the national church of Belgium. 
  6. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts. This museum is made of two museums,  the Musée d’Art Ancien and the Musée d’Art Moderne. Both museums guide the visitor through galleries representing the different schools and periods of art.
  7. Palais Royal. The official home of the Belgian monarchy, this is one of the finest 19th-century buildings in the Upper Town.
  8. Place du Grand Sablon.  Situated between Lower Town and Upper Town, this place has become the route between the two parts of the city. 
  9. Parliament Quarter. This European Parliament is located just behind the Quartier Léopold train station.
  10. Parc du Cinquantenaire. The finest of   Léopold II’s grand projects, the Parc and Palais du Cinquantenaire were built for the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Belgian independence in 1880.
  11. Musée Horta. This museum is dedicated to Architect Victor Horta whom considered to be the father of Art Nouveau.
  12. Bruparck. This theme park is very popular for families because it has Mini-Europe which has over 300 miniature reconstructions of Europe’s major sights, from Athens’ Acropolis to London’s Houses of Parliament.

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