Nine Top Hotels in Brussels, Belgium

Nine Top Hotels in Brussels, Belgium

Most of the hotel in Brussels offer a very high standard services. Consequently, the price is quite high. Nevertheless, some of them offers week-end and summer discounts. Besides, there are also lots of lower budget hotel options. The following nine hotels we provide have different level of price. For your convenience, we enlist their price at the end of its description.

  1. Aristote ( in Lower Town ). Situated between the Grand Place and the central station, Hotel Aristote occupies a renovated 19th-century townhouse with small,but elegant bedrooms and a popular pizzeria ( decorated in medieval style ). It is on Avenue de Stalingrad 7, 1000 Brussels. Telephone 02-513 1310. Price between 80-130 euros. 
  2. Mozart ( in Lower Town ). Situated in a very beautiful location, Hotel Mozart is a great choice for young travelers looking to stay in the thick of the action. The small hotel is decorated with a luxurious reception and plenty of personal touches. It is on Rue du Marche-aux-Fromages 23, 1000 Brussels. Telephone 02-502 6661. Price between 80-130 euros. 
  3. Hotel Metropole ( in Lower Town ). This hotel is very well-known for its architecture and a mix of French Renaissance, Empire, and Art Deco style. It provides complimentary breakfast. It is on Place de Brouckere 31. 1000 Brussels. Telephone 02-217 2300. Price between 130 – 180 euros.
  4. Amigo ( in Lower Town ). This five star hotel provides an elegant setting and located by the Grand Place. It is on Rue de I’Amigo 1-3, 1000 Brussels. Telephone 02-547 4747. Price between 180-260 euros. 
  5. Raddison SAS Royal Hotel. ( in Lower Town ) This beautiful five-star hotel is located behind a glorious Art Deco facade. It has stunning garden and gourmet 2-star gourmet Michelin hotel restaurant. The hotel also organizes city tours. It is on Rue du Fosse-aux-Loups 47, 1000 Brussels. Telephone 02-219 2828. Price between 180-260 euros. 
  6. Le Plaza ( in Lower Town ). This five star hotel regularly provides accommodation to visiting stars and gentry. It also has its own theater.  Le Plaza’s rooms were renovated in 1996 to provide modern facilities. It is on Boulevard Adolphe Maxlaan 118-126, 1000 Brussels. Telephone 02-278 0100. Price above 260 euros. 
  7. Les Bluets ( in Upper Town ). This beautiful, non-smoking hotel has 10 rooms which are decorated with a laidback mix of antique furnishings, objets d’art, and modern facilities. It is on Rue Berckmans 124, 1060 Brussels. Telephone 02-534 3983. Price between 80 – 130 euros. 
  8. Hotel Le Sablon ( in Upper Town ). Located beside the city’s main art galleries, this beautiful boutique hotel provides sauna and relaxation center. It is on Rue de la Paille 2-8, 1000 Brussels. Telephone 02-513 6040. Price between 130 – 180 euros. 
  9. Stanhope ( in Upper Town ). Decorated in English country style, this five-star hotel offers old-fashioned service that stretches to chauffeur driven cars. It has elegant rooms, beautiful interior garden, and gourmet restaurant and conference facilities. It is on Rue du Commerce 9, 1000 Brussels. Telephone 02-506 9111. Price above 260 euros.

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