12 Popular Places in Brussels

Twelve Popular Places in Brussels. Inhabited by over million people,  Brussels is made of nineteen districts. The Lower Town is inhabited by workers and immigrants, the aristocracy resides the Upper Town, which is elegant area that encircles the city’s green oasis, the Parc de Bruxelles. European institutions become the most striking buildings in this city.As… Continue reading 12 Popular Places in Brussels

Nine Top Hotels In Brussels, Belgium

Most of the hotel in Brussels offer a very high standard services. Consequently, the price is quite high. Nevertheless, some of them offers week-end and summer discounts. Besides, there are also lots of lower budget hotel options. The following nine hotels we provide have different level of price. For your convenience, we enlist their price… Continue reading Nine Top Hotels In Brussels, Belgium


Belgium is well-known for its magnificent Flemish art and Gothic architecture. Its capital, Brussels, is the center of government for the European Union. Belgium is geographically divided into two parts, the Flemish inhabitants of the north and the French-speaking Walloons in the south. History At the early 12th century  as commerce grew rapidly in Europe,… Continue reading Belgium

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