9 Popular Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium

9 Popular Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium

Dining in Brussels is not hard. You can easily find restaurants or cafes in the Lower Town or Upper Town. Here are 9 restaurants you can consider dropping at.

  1. ‘t Kelderke. Located at Grand Place in Lower Town, this cellar restaurant quite busy but cosy. You can have moulesfrites ( mussels and French fries ) which are served in their traditional, huge black pails at a fast and furious pace. It is on Grand Place 15. Telephone : 02-513 7344.
  2. L’Achepot. You can enjoy fish in this small, family-run Brussels tavern off the Vismarkt ( fish market ). You can enjoy other seafood such as stoemp ( a coarse mash with vegetables and sausages) and chèvre (goat’s cheese) salad. In addition, you can also have offal dishes here. It is on Place Ste-Catherine 1 Lower Town, 1000. Telephone : 02-511 6221.
  3. In’t Spinnekopke. You can find superb quality of Belgian Food in this restaurant. It also offers a lot of choices of unusual local beers and items on the menu that are cooked in them. You will also enjoy friendly service and wonderful terrace in an area that’s off the beaten track. It is on Place Du Jardin aux Fleurs, 1000. Telephone : 02-511 8695.
  4. L’Ogenblik. Located in the center of the stunning Saint  Hubert’s Galleries in Lower Town, this Parisian style restaurant offers duck magnet carpaccio with parmesan cuttings, or sea bass fillet with aubergine (eggplant) caviar. It is on Galeries des Princes 1, 1000. Telephone : 02-511 6151. 
  5. Aux Arcades. Located in the busy-restaurant alley next to the Grand Place, this restaurant is decorated with Flemish art and is well-known for its bouillabaisse. It is on Rue des Bouchers 36, 1000. Telephone : 02-514 0819.
  6. Comme Chez Soi. Known as the best restaurant in Brussels, Comme Chez Soi is so interesting.  You have to book well in advance. It is on Place Rouppe 23, 1000. Telephone 02-512 2921. ( Lower Town)
  7. De Ultieme Hallucinatie. (Upper Town) Built in 1850, this restaurant has an original Art Nouveau interior. It is on Rue Royale 316. 1000. Telephone : 02-217 0614.
  8. L’idiot du Village. (Upper Town) This restaurant is so popular that it is recommended that you book the table in advance. It offers escalope of hot foie gras, pepper and vanilla, served on earthy crockery of a more rustic era. It is on Rue Notre-Seigneur 19, 1000. Telephone : 02-502 5582.
  9. La Tortue du Zoute. (Upper Town) Located on a delightful, descending cobbled pedestrian street filled with boutiques and other restaurants, La Tortue du Zoute offers different kinds of lobsters dishes. It is on Rue de Rollebeek 31, 1000. Telephone : 02-513 1062.

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