Five Tourist Places in Tallinn, Estonia

Five Tourist Places in Tallinn, Estonia

As the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn has become the center of culture and business. It can be proud of its landmark, St. Nicholas’ Church,  which was built in the thirteenth century. As a business and industry center, this city produces a lot of machinery, consumer goods, shipbuilding elements. As a cultural center, this beautiful capital city has an academy of sciences, polytechnic, fine-arts, teacher-training institutes, theatres and museums. This city has been regularly visited by a lot of American tourists using cruise ships. It has increased the economy activities. You can see a lot of cafes around the city to welcome local and foreign tourists. See the following five tourist places in Tallinn. 

Tourist Places in Tallinn, Estonia
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Five Tourist Places in Tallinn

Here are five tourist places we recommend visiting when you explore Tallinn in Estonia.

Toompea Castle | Tourist Places in Tallinn

Toompea Castle is located on Toompea Hill in the upper part of the old town, the central part of Tallinn. It dates from the first half of the 13th century. The Castle has undergone much reconstruction and is now fronted by the pink colored parliament house, built in 1773. It was said that this hill was created by a mythological heroine named Linda.

Alexander Nevski Cathedral | Tourist Places in Tallinn

Alexander Nevski Cathedral is across Palace Square, a Russian Orthodox building with onion domes, in the traditional style of Moscow churches of 17th century. It is the largest orthodox cupola church in Tallinn. It is dedicated to Saint Alexander Nevsky. Having been neglected for so long, the church has been restored by Estonia Government after it gained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Toomkirik (St. Mary’s Cathedral)

Toomkirik is close to Palace Square. It was built in the 13th century. It is the oldest church in Tallinn known as Dome Church. This seat of the Archbishop of Tallinn has a fine baroque altar and many interesting tombs. 

Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square is the meeting point of several streets. It is a spacious and cobbled square in the lower town of Tallinn, a busy area of restaurants and shops. The Town Hall, on the south side of the Square, was built in the 14th century and has been preserved almost intact, in its original gothic state. There is a small City Council Museum in the basement.

St. Nicholas’ Church (Niguliste Church)

St. Nicholas’ Church is located at 13 Niguliste. It was the center of a merchant’s settlement and is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Seamen. Built in 1230, it was badly damaged by fire in the 15th century and rebuilt. Today the church is a museum and concert hall. And it focuses on ecclesiastical art from the Middle ages up to the contemporary time.

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