Eight Most Popular Tours In Iceland

Eight Most Popular Tours In Iceland

Eight Most Popular Tours in Iceland

Most Popular Iceland Tours. Iceland is one of the most dramatic natural spectacles on earth. Therefore, you must make sure you choose its natural tours and activities. The followings are the best eight tours in Iceland you can choose :

  1. Fishing.  Iceland abounds with rivers and lakes where you can catch salmon, sea trout, brown trout, and char. The trout season normally runs from April to September. Permits can be bought on the spot for a number of lakes and rivers with different price. It depends on the quality of the fishing. Fishing-rod rental can be arranged.
  2. Golf. There are more than 30 golf courses in Iceland. Most are rough 9-hole courses, but there are six 18-hole courses available.
  3. Hiking. Many organized tours from Reykjavík include some days of hiking. You can also join special hiking tours that are popular among Icelanders, arranged by the touring clubs. 
  4. Horseback Riding. The Icelandic horse is small but strong, exceptionally surefooted, intelligent, and easy to handle. A number of firms offer a variety of tours, from short one-day trips to 12-day treks, for more experienced riders, across various regions.
  5. Skiing. The winter season begins in January and usually lasts through April. There are about 90 ski lifts around the country, and at the larger resorts both alpine and cross-country skiing trails are available.
  6. Snowmobiling. You can enjoy snowmobiling even in summer now in Mýrdalsjökull. You can also take part in 5-6 day snowmobiling courses in the Kerlingarfjöll Ski School. You can also get lift tickets without taking lessons, and thre are accommodations and food at the school. 
  7. Swimming. You can enjoy swimming in one or two public outdoor swimming pool. They are usually heated by the thermal springs.
  8. Dining. Many restaurants offer gourmet cooking, and the latest culinary trends worldwide. Most of them offer menus that consist of a marriage of the best in traditional Scandinavian Cooking and classic French cuisine. You can try to taste the following seafood popular in Iceland : haddock, halibut, lobster, prawns, scallops, sole, monkish, ocean perch, shrimp, turbot, tinda.

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