Six Popular Restaurants in Reykjavik

Six Popular Restaurants in Reykjavik

Six Popular Restaurants  in Reykjavik

Restaurants in Reykjavik

In Reykjavik you can find a lot of restaurants from gourmet to full-licensed restaurants. You can also find combination pub-restaurants  which offer menus at reasonable prices.

The followings are the restaurants you might need when you visit Reykjavik.  Most of them offer menus at reasonable prices.


This beautiful bistro is light and airy. It is ornamented with natural woods, potted plants, and cast-iron bistro tables. Its main menus are pizzas and pasta. You can also enjoy a selection of meat and fish dishes. It is recommended that you have the lamb pepper steak with mushrooms cooked in garlic.  This cozy bistro is open all day for full meals or snacks. It also offers a variety of delicious cakes to go with the obligatory espresso.  Address : Hafnarstræi 15, tel. 5513340.


Located east of downtown of Reish ykjavik, this beautiful restaurant is on the first floor of the Óðinsvé
Hotel. Half of the dining area is  under a covered porch. It is also decorated in paster colors with pink or blue tablecloths. The chefs cook ina Scandinavian-french stale, with an emphasis on seafood. Choice appetizers include the fish chowder. Recommended menu : the grilled lamb or butter –fried trout with almonds and shrimp for the main course; the best dessert is hot apple Strudel. Address : Odinstorg, tel. 5525090.

Potturinn og pannan

Within walking distance of the uptown hotels, this is one of the city’s best buys, offering an excellent selection of good-quality fish and meat dishes. There’s an American-stale open salad bar and palenty of fresh-baked whole-grain bread to chouse from; fish or lamb entrées include juicy halibut steaks and lamp pepers steaks with carrots and baked potatoes. Tiled floors, coppers light fixtures , and tables with banches create a cozy , intimate setting. Service is pleasantly brisk and efficient , but it’s a popular spot , so you may have a wait during peak hours of lunch and dinner . a good children’s menu and a play corner for the youngest diners make this a popular place for families. Address : Brautarhoult 22, tel. 5511690.

þrír Frakkar hjá Űlfari

This fine little restaurant is located in a residential area not far  from downtown. Yellowish walls, wood paneling , wrought-iron tables , and comfortable chairs are set in a tasteful at mosphere. The menu highlightsfirst-rate seafood as well succulent beef dishes. Try the vegable broth as an appetizer , butter fried trout or the portuguese-style bacalao (codfish stewed or fried with vegetables) as a main course, and apple pie for dessert. This is one of the few place where whale meat is on the menu. Address :  Baldursgata 14, tel. 5523939.

Bæjarins beztu

The most famous , most popular fast-food eatery in iceland may easily escape you facing the harbor , set in a parking lot at the corner of Tryggvagata and Posthússtræti, this is the home of the original Icelandic hot dog; one person serves about a thousand hot dogs a day out the window of a tiny hut-watch how fast his hands move. Ask for ayn-ah-mud-lou (pronounced quickly monotone with stress on ‘’mud’’), which means ‘’one with everything’’: mustard, tomato sauce, remoulade sauce (mayonnaise with finely chopped pickles), and chopped raw onion. Eat standing up at one of  the small outdoor tables . it’s open from 10 AM until midnight.Address : Tryggvagata /Pósthússtræti.

Kaffivagninn (Cofee Wagon)


Favored by cabdriver,  fishermen, and stevedores , this unpretentious harbor side restaurant serves traditional Icelandic fare. The basic menu offers a choice of three dishes: a fish dish, meat dish (such as meatballs) or a roast (lamb or beef). Soup and coffee are included in the price of your meal. No desserts are offered. Sit at a table by the windows for a nice view of the water. Address : Grandagardur 10, tel. 5515932.

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