Iceland is a land of dazzling white glaciers and rugged black lava fields, of red sulfur, blue hot springs, and green, green valleys. This beautiful island offers insight into the powers of nature, ranging from the still-warm lava of the Vestmannaejar volcanic eruption in 1973 to the chilling splendor of the Vatnajökull Glacier.  This island is barren, but beautifully ornamented by birches, wildflowers, and delicate vegetation. Its climate is also mild.

Iceland is located so far north and parts of its area touch the Arctic Circle. This country has the usual Scandinavian long hours of darkness in winter. Beneath the glaciers and rugged lava are fires that heat hot springs and geysers all over the island, and the resourceful Icelanders have harnessed this thermal energy to heat their homes, power industry, and warm their outdoor swimming pools year around. Swift glacial rivers produce abundant hydroelectricity.

About 80 % of Iceland’s area are not inhabited. Ice caps cover 11 % of the country, more than 50 % is wasteland, and 6 % consists of lakes and rivers. Less than 2 % of land in Iceland is cultivated, although another 23 % is grazing land of varying quality.  Surrounded by the sea, the people have become great fishermen, and fish remains the cornerstone of the Icelandic economy. No wonder, Iceland can export abundant of seafood. Its income can cover most of the people need for their daily life. Most of the stuff they need are also imported. That’s why, price are high in Iceland, including hotel and restaurant.

The capital city of Iceland, Reyjjavik, is a good start to explore the country. Then, you can continue to visit the countryside, where rainbow-arched waterfalls cleave mountains with great spiked ridges and snow-capped peaks. In this countryside you can choose the following exciting tour :

  • Climbing mountains
  • Fording Rivers
  • Watching birds
  • Catching trout or salmon
  • Tending sheep and cattle at a typical Iceland farm

    The best time to visit Iceland is June, July, August when the climate is the warmest.  But if you like skiing or snowmobiling, just come in Winter. 

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