Eight Most Popular Places in Cartagena, Spain

There are a lot of  places that you can visit in Cartagena, Spain, but we just enlist eight of them for you.

  1. Concepcion Castle is the ruins of a  that formed part of the city’s defenses The castle is set in beautiful Torres park over looks the city and harbor.
  2. The sea wall of Cartagena is a very popular site in the city. This is is great place to stroll along the waterfront. The wall was built in the 1700s at the direction of King Carlos III.
  3. The Naval Museum contains an interesting collection of charts and maps, model ships, celestial navigation instruments together with numerous other objects used in the maritime profession.
  4. The National Museum for Underwater Archaeology is one of the few in Spain that undertakes aquatic research to learn more about the tools, ships and methods used by ancient seafarers.
  5. The Palacio Consistorial (the old Town Hall) has recently been carefully restored  to its original beauty after being closed and neglected for many years. Construction began  on the intricately designed building in 1900 and was dedicated by King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia in 1907. Town Hall is near the waterfront and open to the public.
  6. The Roman Theater was long forgotten and buried under nearly 2,000 years of construction until finally discovered in 1987. Cut into the hillside in one of the city’s old neighborhoods, the 6000 seat theater is undergoing careful archaeological excavation. Sculptures and bas-reliefs recovered from the site can be viewed in the Municipal Archaeological Museum. Great care is being taken to develop the site and surrounding area into one of the city’s most treasured features.
  7. The Museo Arqueologico Municipal (Municipal Archaeological Museum) has on display an interesting selection of artifacts that range from the paleolithic era and the Bronze Age though the Carthaginians and Roman and completing the city’s historic timeline with the Ottoman Moors
  8. The Plaza de Toros (The Bull Ring) is a very interesting structure with a great deal of history. The bull ring was built in the 1850s upon the foundation of a Roman gladiatorial arena. Visitor can only view the arena from outside where it is possible to look into the subterranean entrance through which gladiators passed on their way to prepare for battle.     

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