The Best Five of Kusadasi Tours,Turkey

  1. PIGEON ISLAND is a tiny fortified islet with more tourists than pigeons. the island is connected by The causeway to Kusadasi and houses a 16th century castle.
  2. GRAND BAZAAR is located a short distance from the pier and is a great place to utilize your bargaining skills. Here you will find the typical Turkey goods such as leather goods, rugs, copperware and brass. (Shop within the bazaar remain open throughout the day.) 
  3. THE KALEICI  MOSQUE is off Barbaros Hayrettin Bul. The minaret can be seen from the pier. The     structure was originally built by Grand-Vizir Okuz mehmet pa,sa in 1618, and later repaired in 1830. open daily but closed during Muslim prayers. Muslim prayer times are based one the position of the sun and change throughout the day.
  4. THE TURKISH BATHS near the Mosque offer a traditional bathing experience. Sauna, loofa scrub and a short massage are included in the  fee. men and women are welcome, but may be separated. Changing facilities are available.
  5. KAROVAPLAJI and YAVANSU PLAJI are two of the most popular sandy beaches and are considered the best. both beaches can be reached by taxi or public bus. bus schedules are available at the tourist information office

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