Best Shopping in Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy

Best Shopping in Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy

When you come to Civitavecchia, Rome, do not miss any valuable souvenirs you will be proud of having. Please, choose the following shopping spots for you desire and needs.

Shopping in Civitavecchia
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The Best Spots for Shopping in Civitavecchia

See the following seven best spots for shopping in Italy.

Galleria S. Pietro | Shopping in Civitavecchia

Galleria S. Pietro is located at 5 Largo del Colonnato.  At the Galleria San Pietro you will find the largest selection of handicrafts made in Italy. You can get religious articles, 18kt gold and souvenirs at the best price. Galleria san Pietro also provides a Tourist Information &Ticket Office, luggage storage, refreshments and restroom facilities. While enjoying some snack and Cappuccino here, you can also peep at the window where Pope uses for the noon blessing in Vatican. The friendly and courteous multi-lingual staff will be happy to help you with any request.

Vacanze Romane | Shopping in Civitavecchia


Vacanze Romane is at 12 Via Rusticucci. Roman Holiday (Vacanze Romane) offers a wide selection of religious mechandise. The store is located a few steps from St. Peter’s Square on Via Rusticucci, at the beginning of via Della Conciliazione. Roman Holiday has an impressive collection of rosaries, souvenirs and keepsakes which will provide wonderful memories of Rome and the Vatican. You will enjoy Roman Holiday’s delightful atmosphere which is inspired by the famous film starring Gregory peck and Audrey Hepburn.                                                                            

Domus Artis

Domus Artis is at 48 Via della Conciliazione. It is located across from St. Peter’s Basilica at the start of Via della Conciliazione. Domus Artis has been proud as a leader in providing religious articles and souvenirs in the Vatican and Borgo. Today the store is managed by stefano and Raffaella Rossetti, worthy heirs to their respected Roman family which dates back to 1850. Domus Artis offers its customers a wide variety of exquisitely crafted objects and superb artistic mosaics.


Galleria Aurora S. R. L

Galleria Aurora S. R. L. is at 61 Via della Conciliazione.  Galleria Aurora is a large store next to St. peter’s Square. You can browse in air conditioned comfort among an extensive collection of Italian art mosaics Capodimonte porcelain, marble statues, hand-carved wooden items, cameos jewelry and Murano glass sets and vases, religious Items including rosaries, medals crosses, nativity sets and beautiful icons and stamps make wonderful souvenirs. Cold drinks are available for refreshment.

Mosaic Capriotti

Mosaic Caprioti is located at  65 Via della Conciliazione.  This gift shop has over twenty years of experience in offering shoppers the best selection of religious articles and Italian crafts our store also has Vatican coins, chains and medals in silver and 18k gold. Capriotti is located in St. Peter’s Square, just in front of the pope’s window in the Vatican’s Apostolic palace.


Mondo Cattolico

Mondo Cattolico is at 12 Piazza Pio XII, 1200193, Vatican City.  This selling-religious-article store was founded in 1885, it situated by St. Peter’s Square. So,  you are sure to find a special religious article to suit every occasion in this store. This store specializes in medals , crosses, icons cameos and miniatures.



Savelli is at 27/29 Via Paolo VI in St Peter’s Square.  Since 1898, this shop is proud of offering an outstanding selection of religious articles at all price points. Make sure to pick up a special piece to remember your visit from books, rosaries, nativity sets, mosaics and souvenirs. This gift shop has something special for everyone on your list.



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