Sports Tour in Scandinavia

Sports Tour in Scandinavia

You can enjoy various sports tour in Scandinavia. There are a lot of options you have here. See this five-minute reading info below.

Sports Tour in Scandinavia
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Sports Tour in Scandinavia

You can have land sports here such as biking, hiking, skiing, horse back riding. Additionally, you can choose water sports if you prefer. To name them: sailing, surfing, and scuba diving.

Biking | Sports Tour in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a very enjoyable for biking. Most of Denmark’s area and southern Sweden is good for you who do not like hills. As the bicycling capital of the world, Copenhagen, Denmark has excellent bicycle lanes and infrastructure. Like wise, if you get around Stockholm in Sweden, you can easily get around between the islands because they have built extensive paths and lanes all over the country. More over, when you are in Helsinki, the city has more than 1,500 kilometers of bicycles paths. The local government keeps the paths safe and enjoyable to ride.
Bikers’ clubs in Scandinavian countries publish maps with information in English about local biking routes and camping places. You can also rent bicycles if you want to enjoy the Scandinavian city with full freedom. As a visitor you can get a city bike service in Helsinki. You can have this service from April to October. If you want to get around Oslo, Norway with this two-pedal vehicle, you can also have the bicycles in most of the hotels in this city. A lot of them have rental bikes. You can also rent a bike in Oslo Bike Rental. Getting around Stockholm, you can rent a bike here. And if you want to explore Copenhagen, get the bike rental here. Everywhere you get around the capital city of Scandinavian countries, the bike is waiting for you.


You can also enjoy sailing in most of Scandinavian countries. Boats  can be chartered in major cities and harbors. The most popular routes of this favorite sports are:
The sail south from Stockholm along the Swedish coast to Copenhagen. You can enjoy sailing from Stockholm to Copenhagen using this luxury chartered yacht.
Among the islands of Stockholm’s archipelago.
From Copenhagen to the Danish island of Bornholm and back.
South from the Danish island of Fyn, where the sea is studded with many small uninhabited islands.
Up the western coast of Denmark and Norway.  The water is cold for swimmers to get numb quickly. The weather can change suddenly and dangerously.


Scandinavia is also the best place for skiing. You can do it much of the year. Snow in northern Sweden and Norway often lasts as late as May.  But in winter the temperatures sometimes fall down to -35⁰C (any temperature below – 10⁰C makes the danger of frostbite great enough to prohibit skiing). So, it is advisable to ski here in fall or spring, when the days are longer and warmer, November and March are good. Check the 10 best ski resorts in Scandinavia.

Hiking | Sports Tour in Scandinavia

One of the best sports to do in Denmark is hiking because it is basically flat. You can enjoy hiking between towns. Local tourism offices have maps of paths and can help plan specific routes. We recommend going to the following area for the best hiking activities in Scandinavia. 
  • Bessegge Ridge, Norway
  • The Laugavegur Trek, Iceland
  • Trolltunga, Norway
  • Halti, Finland
  • The King’s Trail, Sweden
  • The Jamtland Triangle, Sweden
  • The Mon Trail, Denmark

Horseback Riding

You can rent horses from riding schools throughout Denmark for day or package holidays. Get the horseback riding holiday package in Sweden here. You can also rent a covered wagon for an inexpensive and unusual accommodation and transport.


You are welcome to play golf in Denmark. Normally, you are required to have a valid membership card from your own club.  You can contact the Danske Golf Union ( Gofsvinget 12, DK-2625 Vallensbæk tel. 4264-06-66)

Surfing and Scuba Diving

You can also enjoy surfing and scuba diving in Denmark. These sports are very popular in southern and northern Sjæland and off the shores north of Copenhagen and southern Fyn. You can contact The Danish Tourist Board for detailed information.

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