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4 Money-Saving Dining In Oslo

To save money on meals, you can choose the following four places in Oslo :

  1. The Kafe Nordraak. It is on St. Olavsgt 2. Telephone 22/42 10-59. It's at the Art Academy. It's informal and cheap.
  2. Olsens Cafe. It is on Bogstadvn. 8. Telephone 22/46-39-65.  
  3. Sub Pub. It is on St. Olavs gt. 23. Telephone 22/11-02-49. You can have cheap hot dogs, hamburgers and other fast food. The prices are the lowest in town.
  4. Middle Eastern restaurants. It's near Storgata on Oslo's east side.  The prices are reasonable.

5 Top Restaurant In Copenhagen, Denmark

Dinner in Copenhagen can be very expensive. You can have a lot of options for lunch. You can have money saving meals by having smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches piled with meat, fish cheese, and vegetables). Here are 5 restaurant you might need when you are in Copenhagen :

  1. Slotskælderen ( in Central Copenhagen ). One of the best, popular lunch-only spot close to the Strøget that specializes is  smørrebrød. You can just select what you want from behind the glass counters and they bring it to your table. This restaurant also serve good frikadeller ( meatballs ) and sild (herring). Popular with the parliamentarians who hold sessions nearby. It is on Fortunstræde 4, 1065. Telephone : 33- 111 537. Price under 150 Dkr.
  2. Restaurant Cap Horn ( in Central Copenhagen ). This restaurant offer classic Danish menu which focuses on regularly changing seafood and organic dishes. The organic themes extends to the beer, wine, and coffee. Service is fast and courteous and they sometimes have live jazz sessions. It is on Nyhavn 21 3tv, 1051. Telephone 33-128 504. Price between 150-200 Dkr.
  3. Det Lille Apotek ( in Central Copenhagen ). This restaurant is decorated in deep, dark woods and gilded lamps. It offers classic Danish dishes including roast pork, prawn cocktail with tournedos, and a wide variety of pickled sild (herring). Its specialty is apotekaregrytan, a tasty stew of pork tenderloin in a paprika cream sauce with mushrooms and pineapple. It is on Store Kannikestrade 15, 1169. Telephone 33-125 606. Price between 200 - 300 Dkr.
  4. Thorvaldsens Hus ( in Central Copenhagen ). This modern restaurant is located very close to Thorvaldsens Museum. It serves a gourmet meal. You can also have an excellent  smørrebrød and simple Danish dishes which are served on the courtyard terrace overlooking the canal. It is on Gammel Strand 34, 1202. Telephone 33-320 400. Price between 300 - 350 Dkr.
  5. Noma ( in Central Copenhagen ). As one of Copenhagen's Michelin-starred restaurants, the Noma draws upon Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe islands for its inspiration. The dishes are all carefully prepared with immaculate attention to detail. It really serves excellent meal. It is on Strandgade 93, 1401. Telephone 32-963 297. Price above 350 Dkr.

Ten Cheapest Restaurants And Cafes in Dublin

There are hundreds of restaurants and cafes in Dublin. We just choose ten of them which cost below 20 £ per person. These following restaurants and cafes have been tried out by people who enjoy good food while taking into consideration the budget. Make sure to call first to confirm the menus and the price since it is subject to change at any time.

  1. Avoca Cafè. Located on the top floor of a very notably craftshop, Avoca Cafè is very cosy for lunch. It offers healthy salads, panini and one or two home cooked dishes, followed up by some fab desserts. It opens from Monday to Saturday at 10 am to 5 pm. On Sundays it opens at 11. to 5 pm. It is on at 11-13 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2. Telephone : 6726019.
  2. Bad Ass Cafe. This ware-house styled cafetaria is mostly visited by youth. The menu suits tight budget while offering some pretty decent pizzas, pasta, burgers, and salads. It opens from Mondays to Sundays at 11.30 am to 11.30 pm. It is at 9-11 Crown Alley, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Telephone 6712596.
  3. Bar Italia. It offers authentic Italian cooking, freshly prepared and served by warm and welcoming staff. It opens from Mondays to Saturdays at 10.30 am to 10.30 pm. On Sundays 1 pm to 9 pm. It is at 26 Lower Ormond Qy, Dublin I. Telephone 874 1000.
  4. Bewley's Cafè. It comprises four parts; a ground floor cafe, a patisserie, a fish restaurant called Mackerel on the first floor, a theatre.  The cafe serves breakfast from 8 am. It is at 78-79 Grafton Street, Dublin 2.
  5. Cafè Bar Deli. Nice surroundings that are similar to an old fashioned Parisian cafè,efficient service and straightforward Mediterranean cuisine which focuses on tasty pasta, pizza and mountainous salads. It is usually buzzing. It opens from Mondays to Saturdays at 12.30 pm to 11 pm. On Sundays it opens at 2 pm to 10 pm. It is at 13 South Great George's Street, Dublin 2. Telephone 6771646.
  6. Cafè Irie. This original, hippy spirit of Temple Bar livs on at this small, first floor cafè. It's an enjoyable spot to eat an organic breakfast or lunch, and still get change from a tenner. It is at 11 Fownes Street Upper, Temple Bar. Telephone : 672 5090.
  7. Cornucopia. Built 20 years ago, this restaurant offers popular vegetarian food with a wide range of selection of imaginative dishes. It opens from Mondays to Saturdays at 8.30 am to 8 pm. On Sundays it opens from12.00 to 7 pm. It is at 19 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2. Phone 677 7583.
  8. Dunne & Crescenzi. Specialize in bringing authentic enoteca atmosphere to Dublin, this restaurant offers deli style food and heart warming wine by the glass or bottle. Two outlets on the same street, both crammed for most of the day. It opens from Mondays to Sundays at 11 am to 10.30 pm. Until 6 pm on Sundays.
  9. Enoteca delle Langhe. Part of a new develoment on the north side of the Millennium Bridge which has become Dublin's little Italy. Providing outdoors and indoor seats, this restaurant offers a glass of soothing red wine and a platter of cured ham, salami and cheese. A little slice of the la dolce vita, without having to carry out the Italian Job to pay for it. It opens until 11 pm on Thursdays - Saturdays.  10 pm on Sundays to Wednesdays. It is at Quartiere Bloom, Lower Ormond Qy. Phone : 888 0834.
  10. Epicurean Food Hall. This hall offers different kinds of international eateries combine with gourmet food and wine shops. Highlights include Indian street food at Shalimar, Italian fare from La Corte, and a range of rustic French dishes from Christophe's.  It opens at normal shopping hours. It is on Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1.

9 Popular Restaurants In Brussels, Belgium

Dining in Brussels is not hard. You can easily find restaurants or cafes in the Lower Town or Upper Town. Here are 9 restaurants you can consider dropping at.

  1. 't Kelderke. Located at Grand Place in Lower Town, this cellar restaurant quite busy but cosy. You can have moulesfrites ( mussels and French fries ) which are served in their traditional, huge black pails at a fast and furious pace. It is on Grand Place 15. Telephone : 02-513 7344.
  2. L'Achepot. You can enjoy fish in this small, family-run Brussels tavern off the Vismarkt ( fish market ). You can enjoy other seafood such as stoemp ( a coarse mash with vegetables and sausages) and chèvre (goat's cheese) salad. In addition, you can also have offal dishes here. It is on Place Ste-Catherine 1 Lower Town, 1000. Telephone : 02-511 6221.
  3. In't Spinnekopke. You can find superb quality of Belgian Food in this restaurant. It also offers a lot of choices of unusual local beers and items on the menu that are cooked in them. You will also enjoy friendly service and wonderful terrace in an area that's off the beaten track. It is on Place Du Jardin aux Fleurs, 1000. Telephone : 02-511 8695.
  4. L'Ogenblik. Located in the center of the stunning Saint  Hubert's Galleries in Lower Town, this Parisian style restaurant offers duck magnet carpaccio with parmesan cuttings, or sea bass fillet with aubergine (eggplant) caviar. It is on Galeries des Princes 1, 1000. Telephone : 02-511 6151. 
  5. Aux Arcades. Located in the busy-restaurant alley next to the Grand Place, this restaurant is decorated with Flemish art and is well-known for its bouillabaisse. It is on Rue des Bouchers 36, 1000. Telephone : 02-514 0819.
  6. Comme Chez Soi. Known as the best restaurant in Brussels, Comme Chez Soi is so interesting.  You have to book well in advance. It is on Place Rouppe 23, 1000. Telephone 02-512 2921. ( Lower Town)
  7. De Ultieme Hallucinatie. (Upper Town) Built in 1850, this restaurant has an original Art Nouveau interior. It is on Rue Royale 316. 1000. Telephone : 02-217 0614.
  8. L'idiot du Village. (Upper Town) This restaurant is so popular that it is recommended that you book the table in advance. It offers escalope of hot foie gras, pepper and vanilla, served on earthy crockery of a more rustic era. It is on Rue Notre-Seigneur 19, 1000. Telephone : 02-502 5582.
  9. La Tortue du Zoute. (Upper Town) Located on a delightful, descending cobbled pedestrian street filled with boutiques and other restaurants, La Tortue du Zoute offers different kinds of lobsters dishes. It is on Rue de Rollebeek 31, 1000. Telephone : 02-513 1062.

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Six Cheapest Restaurants In Paris, France

Cafes are ubiquitous in Paris. They usually offer snacks. If you want to have full menus, you can go to the bistros and brasseries. You can also go to restaurants but they are usually open in the evening. The following are 6 money-saving meal you might need when you are in Paris. Price are between 30 to 45 euros per person for 3 course meal including a half bottle of wine, tax and service.

  1. Le Bœuf le Toit ( in Champs-Elysees ) This building was formerly a cabaret venue ( The Ox on the Roof ). Exemplifying the classic Paris Art Deco brasserie, its changing menu can include sole meunière, snails, foie gras and crème brûlèe. The specialty is  crêpes Suzette. It is on 34 Rue du Colisèe, 75008. Telephone : 01-53 93 65 55.
  2. La Rose de France ( in Ile De La Cite And Ile Saint-Louis ) This overlooking 17th century square restaurant is updating French classics, with specialties rhubarb, ginger, and Basmati rice. More traditional is the duck fillet in ratatouille. A cuisine du marchè restaurant, this restaurant uses the fresh product from the day's market nearby. It is on 24 pl Dauphine, 75001. Telephone 01-43 54 10 12.
  3. Marty Restaurant ( in Jardin Des Plantes Quarter ) This Art Deco styled restaurant was established by E. Marty in 1913. The menu features hearty fare, such as roast duck or rabbit casserole, and seasonal dishes, such as gazpacho. It also offers excellent  crème brûlèe. It is on 20 av des Gobelins, 75005. Telephone : 01- 43 31 39 51.
  4. Le Balzar ( in Latin Quarter ) This bistro offers different kinds of brasserie food but the main attraction is the Left Bank ambiance. The traditionally dressed waiters serve excellent service with archetypal brasserie decor to match. It is on 49 rue des Ecolès, 75005. Telephone : 01-43 54 13 67.
  5. La Coupole ( in Montparnasse ) This well-know brasserie has been noted with the fashionistas, artists, and thinkers since its creation in 1927. Under the same ownership as Brasserie Flo, it has a similar menu : shellfish, smoked salmon, and good desserts. Its specialty is lamb curry. It opens from breakfast until 2 am. It is on 102 bd du Montparnasse, 75014. Telephone : 01 - 43 20 14 20.
  6. La Vaudeville ( in Opera Quarter ) This is one of seven brasseries owned by Paris's regning brasserie king, Jean Paul Bucher. Good shellfish, Bucher's famous smoked salmon, many fish dishes as well as classic brasserie standbys like pig's trotters and andouillette ( tripe sausage ). Quick, friendly service and a noisy ambiance make it fun. It is on 29 rue vivienne, 75002. Telephone : 01 - 40 20 04 62.

Seven Popular Restaurants In Stockholm

Seven Popular Restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden

Restaurant in Stockholm are usually small and informal. Food is  expensive. So, lunch can be the best choice for meal of the day. Some restaurants serve smörgåsbord, where you can eat as much as you like at fixed price. Most menus feature husmankost, traditional dishes of Swedish home cooking, such as Swedish meatballs. Many restaurants in Sweden are close either in June or July.  Here are seven restaurants you might need when you are in Stockholm : 

Seven Popular Restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

Bakfickan ( In Central Stockholm )

 A real little gem for its many regular customer, including artists from the nearby opera house. Bakfickan is for those looking for a quick bite eat. The bar menu consists of Swedish  ''home -cooked'' specials, along with a selection of open sandwiches. more complex meals are also available. It open from Mondays to Saturdays. It is at Kungliga Operan, Karl XII's Torg, Stockholm, 111 86. Telephone : 08 - 676 58 09.

Six Popular Restaurants in Reykjavik

Six Popular Restaurants  in Reykjavik

Restaurants in Reykjavik
In Reykjavik you can find a lot of restaurants from gourmet to full-licensed restaurants. You can also find combination pub-restaurants  which offer menus at reasonable prices.
The followings are the restaurants you might need when you visit Reykjavik.  Most of them offer menus at reasonable prices.


This beautiful bistro is light and airy. It is ornamented with natural woods, potted plants, and cast-iron bistro tables. Its main menus are pizzas and pasta. You can also enjoy a selection of meat and fish dishes. It is recommended that you have the lamb pepper steak with mushrooms cooked in garlic.  This cozy bistro is open all day for full meals or snacks. It also offers a variety of delicious cakes to go with the obligatory espresso.  Address : Hafnarstræi 15, tel. 5513340.