Eight Greatest Museums and Galleries in Europe

Europe is very well-known for its cultural inheritance of the world. Therefore, never miss the following great museums and galleries: British Museum, London. You can see a lot of collection of antiquities and other artifacts from all over the world in this museum. You can also enjoy fascinating display of mummies and other exhibits from… Continue reading Eight Greatest Museums and Galleries in Europe


Iceland is a land of dazzling white glaciers and rugged black lava fields, of red sulfur, blue hot springs, and green, green valleys. This beautiful island offers insight into the powers of nature, ranging from the still-warm lava of the Vestmannaejar volcanic eruption in 1973 to the chilling splendor of the Vatnajökull Glacier.  This island… Continue reading Iceland

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5 Most Popular Hotel In Copenhagen

Although some of the hotels in Copenhagen are quite high-priced, they usually offers week-end and summer discount. Besides, there are still choices of hotels which offers different price. It depends on how much budget you would like to spend. The following are 5 most popular hotel in Copenhagen with different price : Walking Street, The… Continue reading 5 Most Popular Hotel In Copenhagen

5 Top Restaurant In Copenhagen, Denmark

Dinner in Copenhagen can be very expensive. You can have a lot of options for lunch. You can have money saving meals by having smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches piled with meat, fish cheese, and vegetables). Here are 5 restaurant you might need when you are in Copenhagen : Slotskælderen ( in Central Copenhagen ). One… Continue reading 5 Top Restaurant In Copenhagen, Denmark

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland’s capital, is a fairly small city which is the most populous city in the country. The name of Dublin is derived from the Irish word dubhlinn  which means ” black pool “. This beautiful city is so famous for  its cultural heritage, pubs that many tourists come to enjoy this attraction. One of… Continue reading Dublin, Ireland

Ten Cheapest Restaurants And Cafes in Dublin

There are hundreds of restaurants and cafes in Dublin. We just choose ten of them which cost below 20 £ per person. These following restaurants and cafes have been tried out by people who enjoy good food while taking into consideration the budget. Make sure to call first to confirm the menus and the price… Continue reading Ten Cheapest Restaurants And Cafes in Dublin