The Natural beauty is one of the greatest thing you can enjoy when you visit Norway. The landscape consists of great mountain ranges, sheer river valleys, white glaciers, deep green forests and the spectacular fjords. You can also enjoy the Northern Lights and the long summer nights of the Land of the Midnight Sun. Norway's economy depends a lot on the sea. There are a lot of places you can see in Norway such as Oslo, the capital city,  Bergen, Flaam, Stavanger, Trondheim. One of the most popular is Norway fjords. See the following information before you go to Norway:

  1. Norway Travel Information
  2. Six Cheap Restaurants in Norway.
  3. Norway Fjords Tours
  4. Concise Oslo Guide
  5. Oslo's Cultural Tours
  6. Nine Easy-To-Find Internet Cafe in Oslo
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  12. The Vikings
  13. The Five Minute History of Oslo, Norway
  14. Oslo's Beauty and Geography

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