Car Rentals in Scandinavia

Car Rentals in Scandinavia

Driving through Scandinavia is delightful. You’ll notice that drivers keep their headlights on even during  the  day. It is required by law in most of Scandinavia. Take a good pair of sunglasses.  The sunlight creates a lot of glare when you drive. Several countries require drivers to be over 20 years old, but some car-rental companies require that drivers be at least 25, so make sure you ask about this matter.

Rental Companies

All major car-rental companies are represented in Scandinavia. The following are rental companies that we provide for you :
 Alamo ( Telephone : 800/327-9633 )
 Avis ( Telephone : 800/331-1084 )
 Budget ( Telephone : 800/527-0700 )
 Hertz ( Telephone : 800/654-3001, 800/263-0600 in Canada )
 National ( 800/227-3876 )

Driver’s License

In cities, unlimited mileage rates range from about $53 to $118 per day for an economy car and $64 to $131 for a large car.  Weekly unlimited –mileage rates range from $300 to $510 and from $315 to $645. This does not include VAT tax, which in Scandinavia ranges from 22%-25%.
To hire the cars, you are required to have the following driver’s license :
US Driver’s License
UK Driver’s License
International Driver’s Permit which is available from the American or Canadian Automobile Association.
Picking Up, Leaving The Cars, Collision, and Loss-damage

If you pick up a car in one city and leave it in another city, you be charged for this which is considered to be one-way services fee.  The cost of collision   or loss-damage waiver can be quite expensive.  Generally, if you have an accident, you are responsible for the automobile. Some of the rental companies offer  a collision-damage waiver (CDW) which ranges from $6-$20 a day. It is wise to confirm all the charges mentioned above. Make sure you fill the tank just before you turn in the vehicle to avoid being highly charged for this. 

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Car Rentals in Scandinavia


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