Restaurants and Hotels in Fyn, Denmark

Restaurants and Hotels in Fyn, Denmark

Restaurants and Hotels in Fyn, Denmark
In Fyn you can find a lot of hotels, inns, and restaurants. You can make arrangements to stay in one of Fyn’s  many kroer (inns) by purchasing a packet of coupons valid at 79 inns. The islands also have numerous campsites and hotels, all clean and attractively located, but make your reservations early.

Ærøskøbing Lodging

 A half timbered building with a steep red roof, Ærøhus, looks like a rustic cottage on the outside, an old aunts’ house on the inside.  Hanging pots and slanted interiors fill the living areas. Pine furniture and cheerful duvets keep the guest rooms simple and bright. The garden’s five cottages have small terraces.  Address : Vestergade 38, DK-5970, tel. 62/52-10-03.

Six Popular Restaurants in Reykjavik

Six Popular Restaurants  in Reykjavik

Restaurants in Reykjavik
In Reykjavik you can find a lot of restaurants from gourmet to full-licensed restaurants. You can also find combination pub-restaurants  which offer menus at reasonable prices.
The followings are the restaurants you might need when you visit Reykjavik.  Most of them offer menus at reasonable prices.


This beautiful bistro is light and airy. It is ornamented with natural woods, potted plants, and cast-iron bistro tables. Its main menus are pizzas and pasta. You can also enjoy a selection of meat and fish dishes. It is recommended that you have the lamb pepper steak with mushrooms cooked in garlic.  This cozy bistro is open all day for full meals or snacks. It also offers a variety of delicious cakes to go with the obligatory espresso.  Address : Hafnarstræi 15, tel. 5513340.

Seven Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Göteborg

Seven Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Göteborg

Hotels in Gothenborg

In Göteborg, a lot of hotels and hostels offer special summer discounts. The followings are the cheapest hotels and hostels you can choose in Göteborg.


Began in 1859,  Best Western’s Eggers has more Old World character than any other hotel in the city. It is situated near the train station and was probably the last port of call in Sweden for many emigrants to the United States.  The rooms are antiquely furnished. Address : Drottningtorget, s-401 25, tel. 031/806070.

Six Cheap Restaurants in Norway

Six  Cheap Restaurants in Norway

Six Cheap Restaurants in Norways

Food in Norway are generally high but you can find some cheap restaurants below when you visit Norway.

Den Grimme Ælling

Dane Bjarne Hvid Pedersen is well established with his popular Copenhagen restaurant in the food court at Palleet. His smørbrød are the best buy in town: lots of meat, fish and cheese on a small piece of bread. He also has daily dinner specials, such as hakkebøf (Danish Salisbury steak) with gravy, onions, and potatoes, or frikadeller (Danish Meat cakes). They are all home made. Address : Paleet, Karl Johans Gate 41B, tel. 22/42-47-83.

Norway Fjord Tours

Norway Fjord Tours

Bergen Fjord Tours

Bergen is the best place to start fjord tours in Norway.  You can enjoy dozens of fjord tours in this beautiful city that has a magnificent city square with shopping area and a lot of eatery around it. It is advisable to travel by boat because the the contrasts between the fjords and mountains are greatest at water level and the boats are comfortable and stable. You do not have to be worried about seasickness. It rarely happens.

North Jylland Tours, Denmark

North Jylland Tours, Denmark


North 21 kilometers (15 miles) from Århus is the medieval town of Randers, where in 1340 the Danish patriot Niels Ebbesen killed the German oppressor, Count  Gert the Bald of Holstein, whose army was then occupying most of Jylland. To the east of randers is the Djursland peninsula, a popular  vacation area, with fine manor houses that are open to the public.

Jylland Tourist Information, Denmark

Jylland Tourist Information

Denmark’s western peninsula is the only part of the country that’s naturally connected to mainland Europe. Its southern boundary is the frontier with Germany. Compared with the smooth land of Fyn and Sjælland, this Ice Age peninsula is bisected at the north by the Limfjord and spiked below by Himmelbjerget, the zenith of this modest range, peaks at 438 feet, while farther south the Yding Skovhøj plateu measures 568 feet.
The first inhabitants of Denmark were hunters who lived in southern Jylland (Jutland) 250,000 years ago. You can see flint tools and artifacts from this period locked away in museums. After 1,000 years, Viking burial mounds and stones still swell the land, some in protected areas, others lying in farmer’s field, tended by grazing sheep.

Arts and Night Clubs in Fyn (Funen) and the Central Islands, Denmark

Arts and Night Clubs in Fyn and the Central Islands

The Arts 

Castle Concerts are held throughout the summer at Egeskov , Nyborg and Valdemar castle and the rarely opened Krengenrup manor  house, near  Assens.  Check  with local tourism offices for  schedules. In summer  the thespians of the Odense Street Theater parade through the pedestrian streets and dramatize the tales  of the town’s most  famous son, Hans Christian Andersen. Den Fynske Landsby also has regular Andersen Plays from mid-july to mid-Au-gust. Call the Odense tourist office for show times.
Fyn nightlife revolves around the major  towns of Odense and Svendborg while the smaller towns make do with local bars and quiet nights.

Children Tours in Sjæland

Children Tours in Sjæland

There are some places you can go to for your children’s pleasure. See the following tourist destinaton for children.

The Knuthenborg Safari Park

The Knuthenborg Safari Park on Lolland has a drive-through range where you can rubberneck at tigers, zebras, rhinoceroses, and giraffes, and pet camels, goats and ponies. Besides seeing 20 species of animals, children can also play in Miniworld, which has a jungle gym, a minitrain , and other rides  Knuthenborg Safaripark , Dk-4930 Maribo , tel. 53/88-80-89 Admission: DKr58 adults , DKr29 children. Open May-sept. 15.

Car Rentals in Scandinavia

Car Rentals in Scandinavia

Driving through Scandinavia is delightful. You’ll notice that drivers keep their headlights on even during  the  day. It is required by law in most of Scandinavia. Take a good pair of sunglasses.  The sunlight creates a lot of glare when you drive. Several countries require drivers to be over 20 years old, but some car-rental companies require that drivers be at least 25, so make sure you ask about this matter.